Why a "YES" vote matters to Tallmadge

When lives are on the line, we call Tallmadge Fire and Safety Forces.


Now it's our turn to answer the call. On November 5, vote "YES" on Issue 45, a 0.25% City of Tallmadge income tax increase which will generate $1.2M for fire and safety forces.

Consider the Need

  • Our 3 stations require major renovations
  • Our fleet has reached or exceeded replacement age
  • Fire/EMS calls for service increased 33% since 2017

Who will be affected?

  • The 0.25% increase will bring Tallmadge to the income tax level of several of our neighboring cities
  • Tallmadge residents working in these cities, including Akron, will not be affected by this increase
  • Pensions and social security benefits will also not be affected by this increase


Without this critical funding, Fire and Safety readiness will suffer — unable to improve our aging fleet and facilities or increase staff. A "YES" vote on Issue 45 says “YES!” to our family, friends and city. It’s our responsibility.

About Us

Tallmadge Fire Station 1


  • Built in 1977 as volunteer station; many alterations since
  • Houses 3 Firemedics, 1 Battalion Chief, Chief, Deputy Chief and Administrative Assistants
  • No separate male/female facilities
  • No Fire alarm or sprinkler system

Tallmadge Fire Station 2


  • Built in 1953
  • Remodeled 1973, ‘82, ‘98
  • Houses 3 Firemedics, 1 Fire Marshal, 1 Fire Inspector
  • Only has single bathroom
  • No fire alarm or sprinkler system
  • Less parking than vehicle

Tallmadge Police Headquarters


  • Built in 1979
  • Home of the Police Chief, Captain, 5 Sergeants, 2 Detectives, 14 Patrol Officers, 2 School Resource Officers (SRO), the Auxiliary Police and Administrative Staff. 
  • The facility includes six jail cells, a kitchen, a training room, offices for administrative staff, supervisors, the detective bureau, a roll call room, and a garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Issue 45 a property tax levy?

A: No, Issue 45 is not a property tax levy. Homeowners will not see an increase in their property taxes from this income tax increase.

Q: If I live in Tallmadge and work in Akron, will this income tax increase affect me?

A: No, you will not see an increase in income tax on your paycheck. Currently, the City of Tallmadge has a 2% income tax rate, and the new Tallmadge rate will be 2.25%. The City of Akron is currently at 2.5%, which is higher than in Tallmadge.

Q: When was the last time the City of Tallmadge Public Safety forces asked for a levy or income tax proposal on the ballot?


Q: What happened to the levy funds from Issue 49 in 2007?

A: The City prioritized operational needs and hired three full-time Firefighter/Medics with the previous property tax levy funds. 


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